About Us

We are a network established to help in the flow of talent and ideas in the life and financial services insurance industry.

We help companies like Morgan Stanley, Mass Mutual, Transamerica find the talent they are looking for. We help them find producers, sales managers, Branch Managers General Agents, and Brokerage Managers.

We help financial professionals understand every opportunity available to them to help ensure they are with the right firm, and making the most of their unique abilities.

Consumers can log in with us, confidentially, and receive the contact information on several agents in their area. They can interview several different professionals, local to them, and get several qualified opinions so they known they make the right choice about coverage and whom to place the business with.

We help producer groups find a good match with companies that help them realize their dream of owning their own operation.

We are different because we are more than just a website that collects resumes. We screen our candidates, we ask them the right questions, we increase the chances that you the insurance professional spend less time interviewing and more time hiring.