Wednesday November 29, 2023

// November 29th, 2023 // Daily News

Todays’ Headline

GM initiates $10 billion buyback, boosts dividend and reinstates 2023 guidance after UAW strikes

  • General Motors is working to regain Wall Street’s confidence leading into 2024 with several investor-focused initiatives Wednesday following a tumultuous year.
  • The Detroit automaker is initiating a stock buyback, increasing its dividend and reinstating its full-year 2023 guidance.
  • GM CEO Mary Barra in a statement said the company is finalizing a budget for next year that will “fully offset the incremental costs of our new labor agreements.

Today’s Inspiration

Develop the Mind of the Spirit

As a young Christian I was always trying to figure out the “why” behind everything and planning excessively for what was ahead. But one day God required me to give it up. He showed me that reasoning is the opposite of trust.

The Bible tells us that the mind of the flesh is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit. It is being hostile to God and refusing to submit to His ways. But the mind of the Spirit is life and soul peace.

If you want to be free of trying to figure everything out, you can develop the mind of the Spirit by constantly renewing your mind with the Word. Little by little, the Word will wash away the wrong thinking and replace it with truth…follow that truth instead of your own ability to reason things out and you’ll have new life and peace.

Prayer of the Day: Father, help me to only trust You and never my own reasoning–as difficult as that sometimes is. Please renew my mind with Your Word and bring life and peace to my life, amen.

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