Tuesday November 28, 2023

// November 28th, 2023 // Daily News

Amazon’s AWS cloud unit announced its new Trainium2 artificial intelligence chip and the general-purpose Graviton4 processor during its Reinvent conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday. The company also said it will offer access to Nvidia’s latest H200 AI graphics processing units.

Amazon Web Services is trying to stand out as a cloud provider with a variety of cost-effective options. It won’t just sell cheap Amazon-branded products, though. Just as in its online retail marketplace, Amazon’s cloud will feature top-of-the-line products. Specifically, that means highly sought after GPUs from top AI chipmaker Nvidia.

The dual-pronged approach might put AWS in a better position to go up against its top competitor. Earlier this month Microsoft took a similar dual-pronged approach by revealing its inaugural AI chip, the Maia 100, and also saying the Azure cloud will have Nvidia H200 GPUs.

The Graviton4 processors are based on Arm architecture and consume less energy than chips from Intel or AMD. Graviton4 promises 30% better performance than the existing Graviton3 chips, enabling what AWS said is better output for the price. Inflation has been higher than usual, inspiring central bankers to hike interest rates. Organizations that want to keep using AWS but lower their cloud bills to better deal with the economy might wish to consider moving to Graviton.

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