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// March 7th, 2019 // Daily News

Zuckerberg says he doesn’t know how his new vision for Facebook will make money yet

Mark Zuckerberg tells Wired he hasn’t fully worked out how Facebook will monetize its new strategy, though he is optimistic.
Zuckerberg laid out his new vision for the social networking company on Wednesday, saying he will focus more on private communications rather than broadcasting information publicly.
Facebook has several options for monetizing its new strategy, including through commerce, peer-to-peer payments and advertising on Stories.

Today’s Inspiration

Jesus’ Message Is for Everyone

Jesus preached the same message of peace to Jew and Gentile alike. He had come to kill the hostility that divided them. Through Him they both had access to the Father. Those who had been outsiders were now included in the household of God.

Have you ever felt like an outsider, as if you didn’t belong or weren’t welcome? Most of us have felt that way at some time, and it is exactly how Satan wants us to feel. He hopes we will feel either inferior or superior, and he doesn’t care which one it is as long as it brings division.

But in Christ, no one is inferior or superior; instead, we are all one in Him. Paul taught that there is no more Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female, but we are all one in Christ (see Galatians 3:28).

Our confidence and security is in Christ and in Him alone. It cannot be found in our performance or any other so-called advantage we may have.

Paul said that he was more than happy to count all of his advantages as a Jew as rubbish (garbage) compared to the priceless privilege of knowing Christ Jesus and being found and known as “in Him” (see Philippians 3:8–10).

Prayer Starter: Father, thank You for offering the priceless gift of salvation to everyone—it’s nothing we could ever earn or achieve on our own. Help me to share this gift with as many people as I possibly can. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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